Sending delayed email with Power Automate and Survey123

06-17-2022 05:54 AM
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Hi - 

I am familiar with using Power Automate to do various (simple) things with Survey123 & feature services, however I am using a new connector and am baffled by the error I am receiving. 

Goal: Send an email x days after the date stored in the "File_Complete_Date" attribute field of my data. I am testing with a 2 day delay, but if I can get this to work the delay would be 55 days. 

I want to use the Delay until action to accomplish this, however I receive this error when I test my Flow.

Unable to process template language expressions in action 'Delay_until' inputs at line '0' and column '0': 'The template language expression 'addDays(triggerBody()?[outputs('Convert_File_Complete_Date')],2)' cannot be evaluated because property '{
"body": "6/16/2022 12:00 AM"
}' cannot be selected. Please see for usage details.'.

Here is what my Flow looks like, and below is the syntax I am using. 



Convert File Complete Date = 

addSeconds('1970-1-1', Div(triggerBody()?['feature']?['attributes']?['File_Complete_Date'], 1000), 'MM/dd/yyyy')
Delay until = 
Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also, if this is not the best way to accomplish an email notification 55 days later, I would love suggestions on alternative options! 
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