Selecting questions to export and their order

03-29-2019 08:26 AM
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I can't seem to find an answer to my question anywhere on this forum. So I am looking for a way to customize which of the questions from the form/column from the results go into the file export (into Excel), as well as their order of appearance since I need the results to be "copy-pastable" into an existing database..

The closest thing I found is in "Data" from "My surveys", I can tick or untick certain columns, but it doesn't affect the export.Is there no way to select which columns to export?

As for the order of appearance, assuming the customization is possible in the first place, can I change the order in which they are exported? One of the answers which has to go last in the survey (it is the result of a few calculations) should go near the beginning of the export table.

Any ideas? If there is no way to do such things I could apply a makeshift solution through a different Excel, but I would prefer if the export could be as straight-forward as possible as I won't always be around the people using the survey.

Thank you very much!


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Hi Emmanuelle,

As explained in the following GeoNet thread, it is not currently possible to export specific fields only using the Export tool in survey123 website, all fields in the layer/table will always be exported. It is only possible to export specific records by selecting them and enabling the option in the menu drop down.

I will add your request for this functionality to our open enhancement request which will be reviewed for future implementation. 



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Hi Brandon,

I missed that thread, thank you for the answer.

Best regards,


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You could create a View off the HFS that looks just like you want it to.  Then export that.

Could also make a layer file to do the same possibly.  Direst to AGOL can be weird but an export would work.

Also a search cursor (or view) in python would be easy.  And then you could push the data to a location instead of a manual copy/paste.

If going to anther Arc table an append will work as is simply grabbing the matching fields it finds.

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