Select_multiple but ignore "other" option

03-19-2020 08:24 PM
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Hi All

I am creating a multiple choice question  with an "other" option.  If other is selected the a free text box is displayed for the other value.

I then concat the two questions to a single response.  What I am trying to achieve is that the "other" response in the first question isnt included in the final concat

This is what I currently have:

Which results in:

So what I want is to not have "Other" in the final proposed works field.

Any suggestions?

Cheers, Chris

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Hi Chris,

There isn't a way out of the box, as there is no way to designate 'Other' as a special answer type or a way to remove text that can be positioned anywhere within an answer (Other may be the first item checked, the last item checked, or anywhere in between).  This can be done through a custom JavaScript function which could remove 'Other,' or convert the choices to an array, remove 'Other', and then return back the CSV string.

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You could remove Other form the list then add a field called Additional Work (if any) and have it always display.  Then your concat could be if (${addwork}!='', concat, do not concat)

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Thanks James & Doug

Doug - what you suggested was my fall back option.  I have something that achieves what I want, maybe not as elegant as I'd hoped, but it does the trick :)

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