S123 Report Template Photos

11-03-2021 09:07 AM
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When I have Survey123 generate a report template for my survey, it has multiple fails and does not return photos.  

The start tag ${# Photos} is unclosed.

Error: An error occurred when checking the report template. Failed to parse ${add_photo_captions_here_separat} since add_photo_captions_here_separat cannot be found in the current parsing scope.

How can these fail when this is the report template ESRI created?  I also tried to use Eddy Clark's solution from September:

Add this to the end of your doc.


${$file | size:350:0}


I get an error message and a return that states, "Failed to parse ${$file | size:350:0} since $file cannot be found in the current parsing scope."

I just want to create a simple report to extract photos from my surveys, but do not know a better way to do it.FSP Implementation Monitoring connect.png

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