Rules aren't working properly in Survey123

08-21-2020 10:32 AM
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I'm having some trouble with a survey in survey123.  I've got two questions that I've set rules for that aren't working properly.  The first one asks where a person lives and has a drop down menu of choices.  There is "Other", and the rule is 'If Other, show 3. If Other, please specify'.  This  rule is sometimes disappearing, but not all of the time.    The other rule is when asking if a person fished on a specific river.  There are 2 rules, one for yes and one for no.  The yes rule is working fine.  The no rule is supposed to go to the end of the survey, but it is actually going to the last question.  And yesterday, it apparently took one of the researchers to a different question half way through the survey.  While the first rule problem we can live with, the second one is problematic.  Has anybody else had these issues?  I wonder if it has to do with adding that question after the survey was originally published.  That will also be a problem for us.
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Hi Gayle Neufeld‌   You should be able to adjust the rules at anytime during the design/publishing process.  It may be best for you to call Esri Technical support for this issue as this will be best addressed through a screen sharing session.

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I'm having a similar issue.  I've cleared and rebuilt my rules a handful of times but I can't seem to get a no response from one question to actually jump to the bottom of the survey like the rule tells it to.

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each time I reopen the editing page, some of the rules / logic are lost (randomly.. the rules lost are not always the same), while I'm editing, reordering or correcting some of them, some other already corrected and published are messed up. The most odd is that the builder acts like it cannot identify the questions/fields, in some cases I found rules connecting questions which were never connected. In some other cases I  found in the dropdown menu of the rules' configurator the choices from a different non correlated question.. we are struggling with that issue, configuring and re-configuring since 3 o 4 weeks, I gave up and move to a connect survey.. the complexity is now to train the customer in the xls form updating 😞