Retaining answers from repeats/conditional questions

05-12-2021 03:37 AM
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Slightly unique conundrum I think? I am building a species recording app which is based on a classic dichotomous key. Users navigate through the key by answering a series of conditional questions until they arrive at the answer, and hit "yes, that's correct". This then brings up a field elsewhere on the form where they can keep track of the number of that species they've seen.

The problem is, when they go back into the key to identify a new species and change their answers the "yes, that's correct" value for the first species is lost. I tried to get around this by having each new key search as a repeat, but the counting field still disappears once they move to the next repeat.

Any ideas on how I can back this work? I've attached the draft so far (only set up the above for the first few species)

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I think the biggest issue here is these are all notes, which just display for the user, when you need some actual data in here.  I just changed the first few to give you an idea.



I would try and work this using cascading selects though.  The form is really hard to follow so I did not mock it up.  But take a look here

You may be able to string the first few color questions into a cascading then use hide and show for the last few.  

Hope that helps


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