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Restrict editing to Survey 123 Only. Protect feature service from batch edits

10-13-2023 05:58 PM
New Contributor III

Is there a way to restrict users to update attributes in a survey form only? Basically not allowing updates from other applications (like pro). The survey contains all the data constraints. I don’t want users to edit the data outside of the survey form. They only need to update existing attributes but I don’t want them editing in other client apps that do not have the data constraints that the survey has. Is there a way to limit this? I’m afraid a technically advanced end user could update many features at once in pro or a web map that does not have the data constraints that are built into the survey. This is referenced branch versioned data.  Im aware that I could apply database constraints but I don’t want to have to maintain survey constraints and database constraints. Could I restrict edits to one feature at a time? This wouldn’t capture data constraints from a survey but it would prevent batch updates that do not have constraints. 

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