Restaurant reservation example

07-17-2020 02:39 PM
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During the ESRI 2020 virtual conference, one of the many fabulous Survey 123 session demonstrated the java script ability to combo with the pulldata() function in a restaurant table reservation example where the survey would give feedback to the user about if adequate space was available for a 'table reservation' at the restaurant. I'm writing to see if this and/or other demo surveys are/will be made available in the Survey 123 connect templates or other location(s) for user community usage. Thanks in advance.  

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Hi Chris,

We will be planning to release a sample form highlighting how a variety of custom JS functions work.  We didn't plan to include the reservation form example specifically as that requires the form to work with a specific feature service; that being said, the sample does include the pattern for making a query to a feature service.  I can make the reservation example available seperately.

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James can you send me the reservation example as well? I am working on trying to create a check in/out system using survey123 based on availability at hunting areas. Hoping that it might help me create one.

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Hello, I am interested in this reservation example as well. Does anyone have the information for it?

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