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Report in Survey123 using Enterprise feature layer

09-25-2023 06:29 AM
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Hi all,

I have a survey on our Enterprise Portal published with Survey123 Connect. I'd like to generate reports for this layer, but my understanding is that reports are only available in AGOL. However, per @IsmaelChivite's Tricks of the Trade video, a report can reference an Enterprise feature layer. 

How would I do this? The best I can see is to create a new survey from the Enterprise feature layer in Connect and publish it to AGOL. Would this create a brand new survey with a new feature layer in AGOL branching off the Enterprise layer? All help appreciated, thanks.

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This really depends on your company's set-up. It sounds like you are already using Enterprise rather than AGO, so that's one question answered. There is no need to use AGO. 

You can easily generate reports for your Enterprise deployment using the new Custom Connector in Power Automate. If you are already in the Microsoft environment (as many organizations are) then this is probably your best bet.

If you need an alternative, Make (formerly Integromat) may be your best bet (there may be a few other options as well, but I am not familiar with them).

As for how, I can give you a quick guide for Enterprise/Power Automate:

  1. Make a new Custom Connector (The images are a little out of date, but the guide is fine)
  2. Make a new flow with your new custom connector
  3. Add a Create Report step to your flow
  4. The Power Automate steps guide you through the rest

And its that easy! Really, creating the Custom Connector is the hardest part in Power Automate now, and the guide does a good job of walking you through the steps.

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Thanks. ESRI's released a Power Automate connector for Enterprise last week, however rollout to the government sector hasn't hit us yet.

We have both Enterprise, for internal facing solutions, and AGOL for external.

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Sorry, I'm unfamiliar with government requirements/limitations here.

The actual Custom Connector for Enterprise is several years old at this point, so I would think that the government sector should have access to that by now, assuming it aligns with your security requirements and assuming that this feature would be rolled out to that sector at all.

The only thing that is new this year is the added buit-in functionality for generating a report within the connector itself. As long as you can make that connection between your Enterprise deployment and Power Automate, you could always generate the report the "old fashioned" way. This would require a more detailed guide, but is definitely possible.

Honestly, I don't generally deal with AGO. I know they have had a built-in connector to generate reports for longer than Enterprise. I also believe you can create an entirely custom flow to generate reports for AGO.

In the end, the use of Power Automate all hinges on the Trigger. As long as you can make a connection between your Enterprise or AGO environment and Power Automate to get that trigger working, you're set. If you can't do that, I'm unsure of how you would automate this (again, things like Make exist, but I can't see you having access to that if Power Automate doesn't work).

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