Report Export formatted like spreadsheet for multiple survey responses

10-22-2021 04:17 PM
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Hi there,

I am wanting to export out a report that lists each survey response by row, rather than individual reports.

This is an example of what I mean. Normally, the survey results are exported as a pdf from an Excel spreadsheet.

Survey responseSurnameFirst nameDateContact TypeStakeholder GroupNotes




Is this possible? There will be rows and rows of these responses.

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Screenshot 1 shows the progress I've made so far by reading this documentation. I want the records to continue listing rather than the header section appearing each time.

Screenshot 2 is of the Survey123 website in the data section. I'd like to have it exported similar to that. I've also attached my latest template.




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I'm almost there, but was wondering if someone who understands code a bit more could point out what I'm doing wrong here. I've attached my template. This is the error I'm getting.



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We had a similar requirement and I have a solution in my head that I still need to put into reality:

If you create a dummy "main" feature layer and capture your records into a repeat (related table) then you could get this to work using the repeat reporting functionality...

But like i say i havent done it yet

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Thanks Deon. I am using a related table, so that could work for me. Could you show me how I'd write that out though to capture the operation name and date? I'm not so good with code. I have the template attached in the original post.

For now, I'm exporting it as a word doc, and then the user will have to manually open up in word and change those lines.

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