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Repeats as Favorite Answers?

02-13-2017 11:35 AM
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I am trying to take advantage of the 'Favorite Answers' functionality, but it isn't working with repeats in my survey. I have a repeat that stores the names of all the people in the field crew. Each crew has a different set of up to 10 or so persons. So instead of having the crew lead type in those ten names each time they do some work, i was hoping to use the 'favorite answers' functionality so the names of the field crew people are entered once, set as favorite answers, then 'paste answers from favorite' when the crew starts a new survey.  

It seems that any favorite answers that are not part of the repeat are saved/pasted as expected. It's just the repeats that are not pasted.  Is that the expected behavior?  Is there a way to save 'repeat' answers?

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I'm looking to do something similar, I know this is years old but was a solution ever found?

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It's a shame it seems no one has responded with an answer to this post - to the OP, was a solution ever found? I need to do this with my survey as well!


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