Repeats and Conditional Defaults Outside of Repeats

06-07-2021 12:54 PM
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I have a problem with Survey123, repeats, and conditional defaults in a group OUTSIDE of the repeats. I am using Survey123 Connect.


I have a form set up with repeats. Inside the repeat, the field tech will select a species. Once this species is selected, I have a conditionally relevant tally question appear for that species (e.g. ${SPECIES}='4SB'). The tech would normally enter between 2-10 in this (I use a spinner integer field).

Problem: The tech will be adding multiple species to the form and need to revisit previous species tallies. When I click to add another repeat, select my second species 3SB, enter a tally for 3SB outside the form, and then go to add another 4SB, the tally from the first repeat is deleted and reset to 1. How do I keep the tally to preserve previous species counts?

I should specify I can't do anything with counts in hidden fields, as the techs actively need to be able to keep track of total counts for a species in the field.

The way I see it, it may be solved by doing something like if a species is selected, permanently keeping the tally at the bottom of the form until it is submitted (which is fine). I've read through many similar questions on here, and haven't found a solution that works for our situation yet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if I need to clarify any further.


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Hi Leigh, would you be able to provide the survey (or even better a cut down version with relevant rows only) that will allow to replicate the issue?

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