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Repeat questions in 'Inbox' not showing

10-27-2017 07:57 AM
Occasional Contributor

I enabled 'Inbox' for a survey with repeat questions.  I added the field 'bind::esri:parameters' to my survey and set the value to allowUpdates=true query=’1=1’ in this column for my "begin repeat".  I am able to view and edit my repeat questions from my "Sent box", but they do not show up  when I access a survey from my 'Inbox'.  Any suggestions?

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For those encountering a similar issue to that described in the original post - I have found a solution that may be of relevance. I was using the 'external_choices' tab in my xls form as I was using a drop-down list that was some 5000 items long. However, when trying to view the value for that field in a submitted record in the Inbox, that field was showing up blank. Instead I added this list to a separate csv, saved it in the media folder for that form and then redirected the form to read the list from the csv as opposed to the external_choices tab and when I republished the issue was gone.

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