Repeat locations in Survey123

03-27-2019 04:48 AM
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Do you have any suggestions on how to manage a geopoint object when all the points belog to the same owner?

In my Survey123 form a geopoint object is placed in a "begin repeat - end repeat" (see the attachement). This forces the spatial and the non spatial information being stored in a related tables. And that's absolutely ok!

Bisides that, an additional point is automatically created at coordinates (0,0) or at the coordinates of my GPS if it is on. 

I see the reason behind that (it's a spatial database..), but I was wondering whether it is possible to supress/delete that point or in another way to register the information in Survey123 when the relation is many:1 but I came up with a workaround only.

Any suggestion/help/thoughts?


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Hi Giampaolo,

If you rely on Survey123 Connect to create the feature service for the survey, the parent layer will have a point location always.  One thing that you may be able to is to create the table/layer set up in ArcGIS Pro or ArcMap and then publish that as a feature service; you could then create a form based on that feature service.

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