Repeat count preventing calculations in web form repeat

02-10-2021 08:44 AM
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I have a web form that will not generate calculations in the repeat when there is a value in the repeat_count column (N.B. it works fine in Connect). At first I thought it was a pulldata issue as my calculations in the repeat are there to generate coordinates  from a pulldata selection to use in a geopoint question. However, I soon found that none of my calculations were working in the repeat. My repeat has a count of 1 applied and I find that if I remove this then the calculations work fine. 

The form in question is a copy (with some modifications) to a form I created a couple of years ago with Connect 3.6 that still works fine with the same set up regarding the repeat count. I find that if I preview this form in 3.11 then it too no longer works.  

Can anyone provide any assistance on what the issue may be please as I've tried various iterations of my form and can't seem to find the solution?

Thanks for your help.


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