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09-05-2020 04:38 PM
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Hello, I keep getting a web app error ("FormLogicError: Could not evaluate: /model/instance[1] ... message: Context node was not supplied.") which seems to be related to relevant and groups within repeats and I have a few questions.

  1. Are relevant statements allowed within repeats?
  2. Can begin repeat have a relevant statement in addition to relevant statements for questions within the repeat?
  3. Are groups allowed within repeats?  
  4. Are groups with relevant statements allowed in repeats?
  5. If there are errors in the web app produced due to these mentioned above issues, will the survey still work in the field app? Or in other words, will my data come out on the other end in the web service? Neither the Field app or Connect produce errors. 

The web app does not seem accept any of publication of any of the above questions.

The only reference to the error in Survey123 is here, where James Tedrick suggested created a new page for each repeat. This solution did not seem to work. Any suggestions? Thank you for your time

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Hi Andrew,

It would be helpful if you could share your form.  The scenarios presented in your points are all supported - please find the attached XLSX file that demonstrates this.

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I am having a similar problem that I cannot resolve. I get the following message on the webform but the S123 app appears to be working no problem. 

  • FormLogicError: Could not evaluate: /model/instance[1]/Water_Crossing_Assessment_Form/Assessments/cross_type = 'culvert' and /model/instance[1]/Water_Crossing_Assessment_Form/Assessments/ass_type = 'full' or /model/instance[1]/Water_Crossing_Assessment_Form/Assessments/ass_type = 'rapid', message: Context node was not supplied.

I deleted all my relevant statements and republished and did not get this error message on the webform but after looking for mistakes and tweaking all of the relevant statements that I thought could be causing the error I could not get the form to not give me this error message and function properly. The forms functionality is definitely dependant on the relevant statements so leaving it without them is not an option.

What am I missing! 

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I'm bringing this back because it's the only post I've found that perfectly describes my issue! Survey123 web app throws an error when I use a relevant expression to show a repeat. Has this been resolved?

I'm using the form for outfall field inspections. I have a repeat set up to gather information for each Dry Weather Sample collected at an outfall. The Repeat Count is set to the Number of Samples collected (${DryWeatherSamplesNo}). I am using the relevant to only show the repeat if the number of samples is greater than 0. Just as described above, this works great in Survey123 Connect and the Field Maps app, but not in the Survey123 web app. Luckily, we won't be using the web app to submit new inspections, but I anticipate this being an issue when someone want to edit the survey submission in a web browser.

Form Sample.jpg


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