Related table creating blank rows despite minimal appearance.

08-07-2019 10:14 AM
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I have created a Survey in Survey123 for Street Sign Inventory and Inspections. The survey and features are hosted. There are three tables, a feature layer (Poles), a related table (Signs), and a related table (Inspections). Signs table is related to Poles features and Inspections table is related to Signs.

Hosted feature and tables.

When I use a minimal appearance for the Poles – Signs relationship a row is created when + button is pressed.

Sign Appearance Minimal

However, when I use a minimal appearance for the Signs – Inspections relationship the + button is not present and a blank row is created. This is not ideal as there will be a blank inspection for every Sign.

Inspections Appearance Minimal.

Using an appearance of minimal compact doesn't seem to work either.

Inspections Appearance Minimal Compact.

How do I configure the Inspections so that they are only created when necessary? Something like the + button described above?

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Nicholas,

It appears that you have set up the form correctly.  The issue seems to be the datetime with now(); when I create a duplicate survey, the submission/lack of submission for the nested works until that is added to the form.  Can you try removing it and see if the submission behavior works correctly?  Based on this, I've logged an issue to address this.

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Hi James Tedrick,

Removing the now() function from the datetime field alone didn't fix the issue. I also had to remove the calculations from the SignID and SignTypeDesignation fields.

Inspection Calculations

After removing the default value of now() and removing the calculations from the fields, the Survey now only adds an inspection when the + button is tapped.

Inspection + Button

Thanks for your help and thank you for logging an issue to address this problem.

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