Read Only Fields in Webhook Payload

08-04-2021 06:06 PM
by Anonymous User
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Hey team, 

Have built a survey that contains read only fields where data was prepopulated. This form is also configured to have a webhook to send the entire survey result. On review of the JSON payload, it appears the questions that are specified as read only are not present in the destination payload.

Is this a known issue?

I have the idea to create an additional hidden field with a calculation to pull the data, as hidden question types will still appear in the payload.

Any help or ideas?



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by Anonymous User
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Hi @Anonymous User,

Read only fields should also be included in payload, only fields with null field type are not included. Can you provide your XLSForm (xlsx file and media files) so we can take a closer look.

Are you trying to submit the webhook via the field app or web app?



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