"Specify Other" question input overlaps the next question

02-01-2018 11:52 AM
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There are two ways to set up an 'Other' option for a multiple choice question in Survey123.

One way is to use the "or_other" option within the original question-- however, there is no way to require that the user type something in the textbox to specify what they mean. 

The alternative is to set up a second, required question that is 'relevant' only if 'Other' is selected in the first question. I used this method to set up the 'Other' option for a few select_multiple questions throughout a survey.

I am having a formatting problem with these secondary questions in the web form: the input is pushed down quite a bit and overlaps with the next question in the survey (see image).

I see this problem in Firefox, Edge, and Internet Explorer, but not in Chrome.

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Caroline,

I believe I've replicated the behavior - just to confirm, the text below the red asterisk is in a hint, correct?  I'll get an issue filed to address.

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Yes, the text just under the red asterisk is the 'hint.'


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