"Error: Initializing form...." in Survey123 website

08-17-2020 08:07 AM
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I'm trying to test letting users edit collected data through Survey123 website.

The problem is every time I try to edit a record (right now the survey only has 1 record), the browser becomes unresponsive and get an "Error: Initializing form..." message...

The survey works on devices and Connect. In the survey I implemented both passing values from Collector and pull data from an external CSV table.

Does anybody encountered this problem and solved it?

I really want users to be able to edit the data within Survey123 website as they prefer to have it on a form-like experience rather than map-like.... also there are various information and attachments that they need to associate with the record at different phase of the project and the form version makes it easier for them to organize and edit the data....

Thank you

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Ramon,

This typically indicates an issue with the CSV file.  Can you check for some common issues:

- empty lines at the bottom

- a single quotation mark (either single or double) occurring in text (for example, O'Brien)

- non-text or numeric characters in the column headers (spaces, dashes, etc).

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Thanks for the answer James.

Philip Wilson helped me out on the issue, and it seems that the problem is the size of the CSV file:

Browser crashed when editing data in Survey123 Website 

Haven't had the time to work on it again, but will try his suggested workflow of creating another survey pointing to the feature layer without the pulldata part.

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Hi @JamesTedrick I have a similar problem, my form works very well with the application, but when I want to launch it via a web page, I get several error messages... I wanted to integrate this form into a dashboard. Can you help me ? THANKS Julien

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