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Question About Populating Data

09-08-2023 05:45 PM
New Contributor

On a survey I'm working on right now that's looking to remeasure trees. They already have the old measurements of some of the trees done, but there associated with a data set they used in previously. I was wondering if it was possible when I enter in tag number for a tree, that will allow for a prompt to populate the survey and fill it out using data from the older data set. 

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This is relativity easy. Add all the old data to a CSV, toss that CSV into the media folder, and use pulldata.


Regarding data collection, you have a couple choices, both with pros and cons. Assuming there is old data for a tree:

  • You can populate your fields with the old data let people. Users can overwrite the old data as needed. This is a simple set-up, but may result in a user forgetting to update a field since it already has old data in it.
  • You can add a select_one yes_no to toggle between text fields with pulldata() and readonly=yes (i.e., fields with pre-populated old data that cannot be changed) or blank fields. This is probably the best option for ensuring quality data, but would require more effort to make. If going this route, I would suggest using a third field in conjunction with the first two. The third field would be a calculate with this equation: coalesce(${q1_text},${q1_autopopulated}). This could be used for any output/field notes so you don't have to double up on fields in the Feature Report.
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