Pulldata Xpath Error

10-01-2018 11:44 AM
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Pulldata calculation is causing "Error converting XLSForm"

Error message says:

>> Something broke the parser. See above for hint.

Error evaluating field 'MunicipalityCal': The problem was located in the calculate expression for ${MunicipalityCal}

XPath evaluation: cannot handle function 'Pulldata'

Caused by: org.javaorsa.xpath.XPathUnhandledException: The problem was located in calculate expresion for ${MunicipalityCal}

XPath evaluation: cannot handle function 'Pulldata'

      ... 10 more

Survey form layout

Expression says:

Pulldata ('DOPWIC_Projects2019_Extract2','MuniName','DOPWIC_ID',${DOPWIC_ID2})

Maybe something wrong with the path to my 'home' folder?

C:\Users\dmeaney.000\ArcGIS\My Survey Designs\SCIP2019_2

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I believe pulldata() should be all lowercase, and there shouldn't be a space in between it and the parentheses. Does your form work after making those changes?

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I just ran these checks with the 'calculate location from CSV' sample survey; it's the capital P that's causing the problem, it should be 'pulldata'.

The space is fine, Survey123 just doesn't use it in samples and example formulas in the documentation for style reasons.

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Yes, that fixed it. Thanks.

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