Pulldata ReverseGeocode (From location (Geopoint))

08-27-2020 09:41 PM
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Hi Survey123 Team!

I have this situation:

The idea is that the user, search an address on survey123, into the map (Location field, geopoint). When looking for the address, automatically fill the field below "Direccion Ingresada" (See image), but this fill with other address, not with the address found before. (See example in the image).

The calculate used in survey123 is:

pulldata("@geopoint",${ubicacion},"reversegeocode.address.Address", "https://utility.arcgis.com/usrsvcs/servers/bfb3d497c2754f3f876fffeb586f3520/rest/services/World/GeocodeServer", "featureTypes=" + "PointAddress")

I don't know why occur this behavior. I supposed that is because the locators doesn't found in "reversegeocode", but really is important know the reason of this.

Thank you very much in advance for your feedback or idea!


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Esri Contributor

Hi Braulio,

This mismatch is occurring because the default ArcGIS World Geocoding Service actually contains multiple addresses at these co-ordinates, eg:

  • Calle Julio Montebruno 630
  • Calle Julio Montebruno 640
  • Calle Julio Montebruno 652
  • Calle Julio Montebruno 630-652

Since they have the same co-ordinates, the reverse geocode process will just retrieve the first one from the list (in this case it's Calle Julio Montebruno 652).

You will need to use a different locator that doesn't have multiple addresses at the same co-ordinates to overcome this issue. This will be difficult as most locators will contain several coincident addresses, for example apartment buildings. All apartments will have their own address points, so searching for a specific appartment number will return the correct co-ordinates. However, if you start with those co-ordinates, and try to pull an address (reverse geocoding), the process does not know which appartment to return.

In certain situations it may be beneficial to create your own custom locator for use in your geocoding / reverse geocoding operations.

Hope this helps,


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