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Pulldata operation not working on related and referenced Table (SQL-DB; ArcGIS Enterprise) ?

05-14-2023 11:51 PM
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Hi there,

I´ve stumbled acrcoss a problem when trying to implement  a simple pulldata operation in one my Surveys..

Preconditions are: My Survey Table is bind to a Point feature Service (aka Point shape) via a relationship class. Both, the table and Shapefile are being kept in a SQL-DB and shared to AG Portal as referenced datasets -- I´m using no hosted services at all.

When trying to set up a simple pulldata command where ID numbers of our field workers should be automatically inserted in a given ID field within the Survey table depending on the corrersponding name of the field worker (which he / she has to fill into form before).

Therefore I set up a simple csv-table, put it into the right place (media folder). Further, I created an additional column ("tempcal") in the Survey Table, reshared the whole thing and set up  the pulldata command in the Connect App.. and finally pulished the Survey. So far so good --> Within the Connect App, when trying to fill the form, everything works as expected --> I put in a workers name and the concatenated ID field gets automatically populated with the workers ID. I also didn´t recieve any errors or similar when sharing the Survey, BUT everytime I try it out on my various mobile devices (which in general should not make any difference at all on which device I test it, I know) the workers ID-field is left out blank. Any clues anyone?

Thanking you all in advance, best Michael

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