Pulldata not working when running Survey on iOS with portal

05-07-2018 08:43 AM
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We have been using Survey123 with pulldata to register people in and out on a construction site using ID-card with barcode. The data is stored in a CSV-file and collected using the "pulldata" function. This has been working superb in ArcGIS Online for both Android and iOS, but after moving our environment to portal, this is only working on Android. On iOS, we are able to scan the barcode, but no data is been pulled up from the CSV-file. 

We are testing using the same survey in ago and portal on the same devices, and by logging in on the survey on ago, we can use pulldata. When signing in to portal and getting survey from there, we can't. 

It looks like an bug. Someone with any idea how to fix it? 

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Hi Jon,

There shouldn't be a difference in behavior caused by deploying a form to a ArcGIS Enterprise vs. ArcGIS Online; I tested that pulldata works as expected with a sample survey on ArcGIS Enterprise.  One possible thing to check is the uppercase/lowercase matching of the CSV file and it's reference in the Excel sheet - iOS is case sensitive, while Android is not.

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