Pulldata not working for mobile app

07-07-2022 10:30 AM
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Hello -- I'm having problems getting pulldata() to work correctly.  I'm using it with a csv file and it works correctly with Connect but I cannot get it to work with the mobile app (iPhone).  It doesn't populate the form on the mobile side.  I've read through several posts regarding this issue and have tried all the solutions that have worked for others, but none have worked for me.  I've attached my Survey file (xls) and my csv data file -- if someone can spot the issue please let me know.  

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** lines 73-104 and retrieving data from datumlocations2.csv **

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I am concerned about the commas and things like 1/2" Redhead in your csv - commas and csv do not really mix.  I also see this stuff like this - it looks like your csv is trying to double quote it  stamped ""Tower Rd 1983"".  

Special chars, esp " and ' can get you a lot.  I would try a smaller csv with no special chars and see if that works.

Hope that helps

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Thanks Doug -- everything you listed made sense and I gave them a run.  Nothing seemed to help though.  We think we narrowed it down to the software version in that an older version of this survey still works but if we re-publish it with version 3.12.232 then it doesn't work.  We're still looking into it and I'll post results if we ever narrow it down.  Thanks again for the help.     John