pulldata function stopped working on my form

08-05-2021 10:18 AM
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I have created a survey in which the user has to select a river which has an auto complete appearance. Once they select the river the river ID should automatically populate using the pulldata fucntion. Since setting this up I amended the form so that they select a region and then when they go to select a river it will only list those rivers within the region chosen but now my pulldata doesn't work and the river ID won't automatically populate. Why is this?







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I need more information to be of help, but at first glance the problem lies in the geometry, which is the same problem that I have.
With polygons it works normal, but for some reason it does not work with points and lines; In reality it is not that it does not work or that the function you do is bad, but that perhaps that option is not yet developed.



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