Pulldata Expression not Working

02-07-2020 02:22 PM
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I've tried everything I could think of to get this expression to work but it seems like it only looks at the choice tab, not the CSV I have saved in the media folder. I'm hoping someone can see what I'm doing wrong. I have attached both files to this post. 

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Hi Whitney,

I'm guessing that you'd like to select a 'shot' in your survey and pre-populate the 'elevation' and 'description' fields based on the values in your 'JobFile.csv'?

If so, you'll need to add a choice list that contains the 'shot' values that can be used as a lookup: 1000, 1001 & 1002. Then add the extra fields to your survey to store these pre-populated values in and use a calculation like pulldata('JobFile','Elevation','Shot',${shot}).

You currently don't have a choice list to use, you only have 3 parameters in your pulldata function (they require 4) and it appears that your CSV file is corrupt. More details on what parameters to use can be found here in the Documentation. I've attached a simplified example of your XLSForm that will hopefully get you on the right track. Remember to ensure that your CSV is not corrupt and saved in the 'media' folder.

If you let me know exactly what you're trying to achieve I can try to assist further.

Best regards,


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Hi Brett

I was also struggling with the pulldata function and saw your post.  I just cannot get it right, even with simple examples and can't see what the problem is.


Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,


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