Pull data from single record in summary report

01-13-2023 02:53 PM
New Contributor III

I apologize if this question has already been posed - I don't even know how to search it to find out...

I am trying to create a summary report based on a certain field, and would like to have that value referenced in the title. More specifically: I have a survey based on depositions taken by our attorneys. I would like to create a summary report for all of the depositions taken from Mr. Smith. So I filter by "Name is Mr. Smith" within the Survey123 website for which records to run the report on. I understand how to list all of the data with repeats within the report, but I can't figure out how to get the title to say "Deposition Report Summary - Mr. Smith", with the "Mr. Smith" part being pulled from the survey, so that it is dynamic for when I need to run it on "Mrs. Gardner" and "John Doe", later. 

I hope that makes sense. Basically, how do I pull the value from just one of the records (since they should all be the same).

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