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Pull data for geopoint placing locations at null island 0,0 in S123 Connect

08-24-2023 02:45 PM
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Hi S123 wizards,

I have read several posts and found no clear solution to my mysterious issue with S123 Connect not accepting a data pull calculation for a geopoint using concat((number${x_long}),' ',number(${y_lat})) on a registered feature service with default z values of 0.

The form is setup for offline use to pull lat/long from a csv and concat it, but the points show up at 0,0 on the map. Fields are decimal format (scale 38, precision 8), data is projected in wgs 84, and the other data pulls in the form are working fine, including transfer of coordinates to individual fields.

The workflow includes an optional Field Map including a url call (not specifying centerpoint) but it doesn't matter how the survey is initiated, from field maps or S123, the same results of 0,0.

Why?? Please help! lol, thanks.


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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi Andra

It looks like there are a couple of errors in the concat() expression:

concat((number${x_long}),' ',number(${y_lat}))

The first argument (number${x_long}) should be number(${x_long}). However, the number() function is not really required here; since you're concatenating a string, there's no need to cast the lat & long values as numbers.

Also latitude should come first, then longitude (see Geopoints doc). Try the following:

concat(${y_lat}, ' ', ${x_long})

Hope this helps! Jim