Publishing Error

01-20-2023 11:49 AM
New Contributor

I am a brand new user.  I have two surveys that I created both.  I am able to successfully save and publish both forms, but as soon as it says Successfully published a red dot appears on the publish button and it says I have unsaved data and wants me to save and publish again.   It will not allow me to share the form as it has unsaved data.

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Hi @HeidiSmith 

That is odd. I just published a test survey with a single text question to test and cannot recreate the behaviour you are seeing. If you make a simple survey for testing, does the same issue occur?

I'm wondering if this only occurs when a particular question or rule is used.


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Hi @HeidiSmith,

We have been seeing this issue with web designer surveys that include the likert, ranking, multiple choice, or rating questions. We are hoping to get this resolved in an upcoming Survey123 release. To be able to share your survey, publish and then select 'Don't save' when you switch to the Collaborate tab.