Public Survey Created - "Failed to submit" (400: ERROR_UNKNOWN)

03-24-2023 12:51 PM
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I recently created a survey that I've set to be publicly available. When I submit an entry while logged into my organization AGO account, the entry is submitted. When I logout and try to submit an entry as the public would, I receive "Failed to submit" (400: ERROR_UNKNOWN)

I'm guessing that there may be some issue related to the share setting? Does anyone know what I may be doing wrong?

Any response helps. Thanks

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It's probably a sharing setting. When you go to submit it as an anonymous user, turn on your browser's developer tools and watch the Network tab. When you attempt to submit the form, you should see the POST request that is sent, and the response to that request may have more details than is shown in the Survey123 interface.

- Josh Carlson
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Also check for if you have duplicate content e.g. fi the XLSForm has the same values, or if you have a folder from an earlier failed publish

I find that sometimes survey submission issues are tied to XLSForm designs, or moving of the content from one owner to another. 

The sharing should be both the form and the layer (view / whatever the survey is targeting). Generally best to share through the Survey123 website to ensure it shares the right one. Generally I'd expect a permissions error, not this, so leaning more towards a field/content issue as per the above technical article. 

Sharing a link to the survey and the XLSForm will help significantly. 

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