Providing Survey123 downloads through Microsoft App Store makes things more difficult

09-26-2022 09:58 AM
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Up until now is was always easy for us to download and install new updates for Survey123 Connect and the the Survey123 app on our computers. Now, since we need to go through the Microsoft App Store it requires us to go through our IT department which is more cumbersome.   Not sure how many organizations restrict access to the Windows App store for their employees.   Can you also post links again where we can download the installation files directly, or are those links posted elsewhere right now?

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That would for sure not be good to only have the MS store since ours is blocked also.

I do still see them way at the bottom of this page I think.  It does say this though "Other versions of ArcGIS Survey123".  Huge vote to leave the downloads for sure!  If it does change we need like months warning on this one! 

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 The Windows installer file is available and will continue to be available in the future. We have no plans to eliminate this option as we are aware of the many of you who can't use the Microsoft Store.  Having said this, the redesign of the Downloads page is confusing. We are working to make the Downloads section more clear, hopefully before the end of this week.  As @DougBrowning indicates, the Windows installers are right now under 'Other versions of ArcGIS Survey123'.

Just to make things simpler, here are the links to the Windows installers:

Again, we are aiming at making the Downloads page more clear very soon. Thanks for your comments!

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OK. This should now be addressed.

The downloads page has been refined. If the new design is still confusing, please let us know.