Problems syncing data when repeat record is collected by non-owner of survey

10-30-2020 10:35 AM
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I have published a survey which contains a repeat.  I have entered a lot of information into the survey, while logged in as the "owner" of the survey.  I now want to send staff in the field in a disconnected environment.  They download the survey, pull up the inbox, and click on a record for a manhole cover.  They can see previous inspection records (the repeat records) that were entered in by the owner/creator of the survey.  They can add a new inspection record (logged in under a different user), but can not synchronize the data.  As I research this, it appears to be the issue where - "When updating or deleting, submitters can only access their own records."  Am I right?  If User A creates the "parent record", User B can't add any "child records"?  Am I missing something?  If this is truly how S123 works, it will not be very useful for most field work applications!

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Hello Ken Morefield‌, 

ArcGIS Survey123 doesn't "Sync" in the same sense that ArcGIS Collector does. Survey123 stores offline records on the device then then applies those edits when sent back on an internet connection. 

As for submitters only being able to access their own records these are settings that can be set on the Survey123 Website and ArcGIS Online. 

On the Survey123 Website under the Collaborate tab > Share survey there is an option for "What can submitters do?" which can be set to only add new records, add and updated records, and add, update, and delete records. 

For additional editing settings on the settings tab of the Item Details page for the Hosted Feature Service the survey is pointing to you have the same settings for what kind of editing is allowed, as well as setting what features editors can see and edit: 

Please check the settings on your Hosted Feature Service to ensure that they match the editing settings you are looking for. If they do match the editing settings you are looking for what is the error message the field workers are running into when trying to submit data? 

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