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Problem with body::esri:inputMask column in survey123 connect desktop app not working in survey123 mobile app.

06-02-2023 05:43 AM
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I created a survey for my organization using the Survey123 Connect desktop application.
In the survey, I applied "99.99;-" constraint to some of my questions in the "body::esri:inputMask" column.
Although I enter data in accordance with the format in the mobile application, I receive a warning that the input format not satisfied.
When I change the point in the 99.99;- format to a comma, the problem is corrected, but after a while I start getting the same error again.
I am attaching the relevant images
Can you help me?

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I fixed the problem by applying the following solution that I found in the community.

"I suggest that you change the question type to text to avoid the above behavior.  If you want your pH values to be stored as a number in the geodatabase, then use the bind::esri:fieldType column to set the target esri field to be esriFieldTypeDouble"


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