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10-28-2021 02:28 PM
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I have created a survey in Survey123 Connect and this survey is a public survey.  I have several utility companies that use the form and they would like to be able to print the survey before they submit the survey, so that they can have it for their records.  Is there a way to create a print button next to the submitted button, so that they can print out the survey.

The second half is now that I have this form online is there a way to make a blank form to print on the fly for those customers that don't use the computer.  I have contractors that insist on filling out a paper copy.   I know there is the reports in the Survey123 data page, But that is not what I was looking for.  I was hoping to print something similar to what I created in Survey123 Connect.  I just don't want to have to create this again in another document and every time there is a change to the survey I then have to go to the other document and make changes there.  

I am using this for Right of Way work that is being done by Contractors and Utility Companies.  It is our Right of Way Permit Application.

If there is not maybe in a future version there could be a print option to print from Survey123 Connect.  Just a suggestion.


Utana Dye
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Hello @UtanaDye 

I did some research on this and it seems that there are ways to print the report template but with the individual responses and not necessarily a blank form.  I did find a thread similar to this idea from 2018.  Not sure if this is a current capability but seems like a great idea!  I would post in in the ideas forum and see if you can get it upvoted for the developers to notice.

Here is a link to the thread I found: 

Good Luck!


Amanda Bishop, GISP
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Yeah.  I saw this too and it is not exactly what I am looking for.  I will put something into the ideas.


Utana Dye
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Hi @UtanaDye

Did you find a way to do this?

I am working with communities without internet access, and also need a blank form print out of the survey to make the process as inclusive as possible. 

Thank you,