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07-22-2021 12:31 PM
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We have a form built in Survey123 Connect with JavaScript that queries a map service and returns JSON.  The JSON is parsed into several other fields.  My question is, can we prevent the JSON field from being published?  Currently the form is throwing an error because the JSON field isn't in the feature layer backing this survey.  Frankly I don't want it to be.  The only fields that should be in the hosted FL are those that are relevant to the ongoing data collection requirements.  The JSON field is operational in nature and only exists as a staging ground for the JSON before it is parsed into other fields.

Does Survey123 have a data type or setting that allows us to not just visibly hide, but prevent a field from being published into the feature layer?

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Yes! It's null in the field type column on your XLS form.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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You can also configure a view on your hosted feature service. If you haven't seen it, check this out:

This and other docs are available under the documents tab in the ArcGIS Trust Center.

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Yes.  you need to set the column [bind::esri:fieldType] as null so it will not publish with the survey in to the HFL.





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