Power Automate return the Label Instead of the Name on select_one_from_file .CSV

06-11-2021 11:59 AM
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Hi. I'm not having any luck getting the Power Automate email to display the label rather than the name on a pulldata .CSV calculate question. I don't believe I handle it on the Power Automate side with a Dynamic Expression, but I need to configure the survey .XLSX with a jr:choice-name() function to include the label in the payload?  Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks



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Hi @AndrewPriest ,

You will need to have a question (likely a calculate question type) that uses teh jr:choice-name function to store the label and the refer to that in Power Automate; a Dynamic Expression should not be necessary.

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I am having a supportcase at the table which is mor or less identical to this question. Seems like the answer here by @JamesTedrick is a valid workaround. Many thanks! 

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