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Power Automate Error (Cannot Read Properties of Undefined - URL of ArcGIS Enterprise is Required)

05-23-2023 12:38 PM
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I have several flows giving me this error: Cannot Read Properties of Undefined - URL of ArcGIS Enterprise is Required. I had a case opened with ESRI and found out it was a bug. The current workaround is to delete the Survey 123 connector and re-add it. However, doing so will remove all dynamic content forcing me to rebuild some pretty large flows. I have two flows on a statewide project involving 88 counties and 1 city.  It will cause significant down time if they quit working. 

Is there any chance that this bug is going to be resolved? If not, is there a better workaround?

Thank you,


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I am also in need of this issue being resolved without having to rebuild multiple flows.

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Honestly, I am not familiar with this bug. However, I would suggest that you use Parse JSON. The first thing I have in my S123 flows is this step, and Power Automate only references this Parse JSON step rather than the Initial Survey Response.


In your particular case, if you did need to delete and readd the Connector, then you would only need to change this one step rather than the entire flow.

Doesn't really help your current situation, but may at least prevent this from being a future headache.

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