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Potential Bug - survey 'forgetting' data entered in required field when edited from Inbox

11-05-2020 12:45 PM
Regular Contributor

I have a survey with a repeatable section that contains "Time" as a required question. The survey can be edited from the Inbox. When the Inbox is refreshed and the survey is opened, a new repeat is added. When we attempt to submit we get an error that the second record entered in the repeat needs "Time" because it is required. We are forced to go back and re-enter the "Time".  

It seems as if the survey is losing/deleting the time that was originally submitted for that record. The entire repeat is set to query allowUpdates=true. This occurs in version 3.10 and 3.11 on iPhone and iPad. 

I am curious if this is a bug or some sort of user error.

Thank you,


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Esri Contributor

Hi Erica,

Would you be able to provide your XLSForm for further trouble shooting? This 'time' data should not be missing when opening a repeat record from the inbox. 



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