Portal Error: Item specified by surveyItemId does not exist or is not accessible.

01-19-2020 04:25 PM
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I have published a survey to portal. The survey works fine.
I built a Feature Report using the 'copy' option from survey123 to ensure I populated the Word template correctly.

It worked at first, then I added 'Asset #' to the text in my word document, and I started getting a 'Error: Item specified by surveyItemId does not exist or is not accessible.' when I uploaded the Word template. 

I have removed the # from the text, and still get the error.

I have deleted the Survey and republished a new one, and get the same error.

I have re-created the Word document, and still get the same error.

I have re-published the survey to ArcGIS Online, and used my existing Word template, and I get no error - everything works fine.

Is there an issue with using Report Templates in Portal?

The other error message I get in portal is that I cannot generate a sample report template.

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Hi James,

As noted in Feature report templates—Survey123 for ArcGIS | Documentation , there are some limitations in using the feature report service with ArcGIS Enterprise. If your ArcGIS Enterprise implementation meets these limitations, I would suggest opening an Esri Support ticket to see if there is an issue with your template.

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