Populating a Geopoint Question from a Choice List Using select_one_external In Portal

05-25-2020 01:39 PM
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Are there any known issues using a choice list to populate a geopoint question from a select_one_external on Portal?

I have 25K addresses to pull in from a choice list. To speed things up, I am trying to use cascading and external selects.

The survey works using a choice list in AGOL using select_one/choices, just a bit slow, load time ~8 seconds.

Does NOT work in AGOL using select_one_external and external_choices.

Using the same XLS Form....

Publishing failed in PORTAL using select_one/choice list and select_one_external/Myexternal_choices.

My thinking was that it is stored as a text string in the items.csv file, therefore, causing issues. I have tried changing the bind::type not the bind::esri:fieldType with no success. I get an ErrorCode 500 when trying to publish to PORTAL and publishes fine to AGOL just that the dropdown does not provide any selectable items.

Any thoughts as to what may be causing this?

From survey 

select_one_external addressaddressesSelect Address from Listautocompleteparish=${parish}

From external_choices worksheet

list_name namelabelparish
address+029.9329_-90.3637103 1ST ST LULING LASCP
address+029.9328_-90.3636105 1ST ST LULING LASCP
address+029.9338_-90.3640105 1ST ST LULING LASCP
address+029.9338_-90.3639107 1ST ST LULING LASCP
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HI Luis,

Apologies for the delay.  I would doubt the external choice list would cause a code 500 on publishing.  What is the last step seen before the 500 code is reported?  More often, there is an issue with the feature service you try to create - it may have a reserved word for a field name, for instance, or duplicate names. You can also start a support incident with Esri Support to troubleshoot this.

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