Populate Address From Geopoint Question?

04-17-2020 08:09 AM
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Is it possible in Survey123 to grab the address from a geopoint question and have that auto populate a Text Field question ${Address}?  What i'm after is saving the user from having to manually type in the address.  Has anyone successfully done this?



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I will go on the assumption you would like to have the actual address for a specific location.

Generally not possible unless you have something like a parcel layer that has property addresses in it that it can pull from.

Creating one on the fly would be reverse geo-coding of which I have created many thousands.

In order to reverse geo-code you need street centerlines with address ranges. However, this is typically done when creating a new address.  In E911 we had houses that were RR Box ##.  So I created thousands of brand new addresses for 911.

Often you can get an address in Google or Bing maps and right click what's here.  As often as not you will get a range.

And its accuracy will often leave something to be desired.

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