Point location to survey123 geopoint through custom url schemes

07-17-2020 05:35 PM
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I have a feature service containing Manholes and Manhole Inspections(both points), there is an associated Survey123 linked through the Configure Popup>Custom Attribute display configuration on the Manholes layer that opens the Survey123 Field app (iOS).

Understanding Survey123's custom URL Scheme Blog

My goal is to have the survey123 geopoint create in the same location as the Manhole and not from the device location.

What is the best way to accomplish this?

I have url scheme parameters set to bring several field value from the Manhole to the Manhole Inspection.  I thought I had the problem solved using the Center={YCOORD},{XCOORD} to pull the coordinate from fields containing DD coordinates from the Manhole layer.  The coordinate fields get truncated coming from Collector to Survey123, they get truncated to 2 decimal places when I would like at least 6 or 7. 

This is my URL Scheme currently:


Another option I haven't tried but plan too if there isn't a quicker way, is to use pulldata and create a csv with the values.  Not optimal because the CSV will need updated anytime a manhole is added or adjusted.


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Hi Jared,

Can you check the attribute configuration in the pop-up?  See Configure pop-ups—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation , refer to step 5 of 'Configure pop-ups subheading'- one of the settings for an attribute is the number of decimal places to show.

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Thank you for the input.  I did follow your suggestion and was able to change the settings and have the coordinates display with 7 decimal places in the popup, however, the original issue still persisted.  That the actual location of the point being created by the survey was showing up at the device location.

Summary of Issue:  Plotted location of Survey123 point is at device location (iPad) and not the manhole location where the inspection survey123 is being launched via popup url scheme parameters through Custom Attribute Display.

I did get this to work after playing around with the center parameter.

This is my URL Scheme:


I pointed the Center Parameter to pull from the manhole XY fields.


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