Permission Issues in Survey123

12-04-2019 10:18 AM
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In my current survey and as an owner I of course can edit my data. However, I am having issues setting up other individuals with the same permissions (to edit data)

Pic 1: Owner - can edit

Owner can edit

Pic 2: User - with 'GIS User' permissions in AGOL - cannot edit

User with

In 'Collaborate' I have the following setup:

Who Can submit: Everyone

   Groups:  City of Fayetteville Public Works Content

                  City of Fayetteville Public Works Core Team

Submiters can: Add and Update

Is there something I am overlooking to allow other users to be able to Edit the data within Survey 123? 

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So after continued reading here it appears that only the 'Owner' can update Survey data from the back-end. Can someone confirm that this is still the case?


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Hi Anthony,

The owner of the survey can update all data via the Survey123 website.  A submitter who has also been shared viewing abilities will be able to update their submissions via the Survey123 website; please refer to the table at Share survey results—Survey123 for ArcGIS | Documentation .

You can also create an editing application using one of the many configurable app templates in ArcGIS Online if you need a more comprehensive editing solution - see Choose a configurable app—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation and Web App Builder's Edit widget—Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS | Documentation 

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