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Periodically verifying if user is connected

04-06-2022 07:30 AM
New Contributor III


I would like my survey to ckeck ideally every second if the user is logged-in or not.

I want the users to always be logged-in to be able to answer questions.

I created a username question (named Username) and my group of question will only appear if ${Username} != '' in the body::esri::visible column.

This work great if the user open the survey and is not logged-in.

However, if he logs out once the survey is opened, the Username question still shows his username when he opens it.

So is there a way to tell the Username question to refresh every second?

I have the same request for dateime and time question, I would like it to update to always show the current time.


Thanks a lot!

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New Contributor III

I managed to solve my problem for updating the username status by writing calculationMode=always in the bind::esri:parameter. I can also use the pulldata("@property", 'username') function in the calculation column of a text or note question.

I would still like to know what to do for updating datime and time question to always shows the current time.