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Paste Answers Not Working With Default Values?

10-28-2016 09:05 AM
Occasional Contributor II

I have a survey that has a number of default values applied to several questions.  One of my field guys asked if there is a way to change one of those values.  My first thought was to use the Set as favorite answers option.  However, it doesn't appear to be working.  After I tap on Set as favorite answers and then go to paste them in a new record, nothing happens.  I have a number of questions that have default values applied when the survey opens;  one is a date field and the rest are select single questions.  Could this be the reason?  I made a duplicate copy of my survey and removed all default values and was then able to successfully Paste answers from favorite.  However, it was copying and pasting the entire record.  I only answered 8 out 16 questions and then did Set as favorite answers.  I thought that when I then pasted the favorites, only those 8 answers would be pasted to the survey and my user could answer the rest of the questions.  Has anyone else experienced this or can provide some insight as to what might be going on?  Thanks!

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