Passing Survey123 results to Field Maps

07-06-2022 06:44 AM
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I'd like to populate a field in a Field Maps layer based on a result to a Survey123 question. The Survey123 form has been set up via dynamic link in popup and populates answers based on some fields from Field Maps. 

E.g. Habitat polygon with fields: GlobalID, Land_Parcel_ID and Condition Score (blank). Survey123 link opens form and populates ParentGlobalID (from GlobalID) and Land Parcel ID (from Land_Parcel_ID). Completed form generates habitat condition score which I want to take back into Field Maps and populate Condition Score. This helps fieldworkers know which polygons they have assessed.

Is this possible?

EDIT - Additional Info: I have tried creating a join but this throws a "Failure to Load" error in the Field Maps app so is only useful on desktop and not for field users.

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