Passing Addresses to text field

05-21-2021 10:53 AM
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Does anyone know of a way to grab the address that is returned in the geopoint map (via a geocoder) into a separate text field so that information can be recorded?  As far as I can tell, it only records/displays the coordinates for the point once you choose an address from the autofill options.  I'd like that address to be shown to the responders and be searchable by office staff later.


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You can kind of hack this using reverse geocoding, but I would not recommend it as the result of a reverse geocode can be different from the value entered by the user.

If you can, I would wait for the July update to Survey123 as it includes enhancements that may help you with this type of problems.

If you work with Survey123 Connect, you can start playing with this with the documentation we have in the Early Adopter Program.  Check the new geocode appearance for geopoint questions. If you work with Survey123 designer, we will update the Beta in a few weeks introducing calculations and a new address question. I think that could also help.  Both the Connect and designer enhancements I describe above are planned for the July release (late July).

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Ok thanks Ismael. As a temporary fix I've been having the users enter the addresses manually into that text box, but some have gotten confused being that there are two places to enter it. Maybe I can put an explanation into the hint or something for now.