Overwrite Survey123 settings on mobile devices. 

01-15-2020 09:28 AM
New Contributor

 Hello, we wanted to update our survey to disable submitted surveys so they wouldn't be stored on the device.  We previously had that enabled for our trial runs, but now switched it to disabled and published. After testing, folks still have sent surveys on their phones and new surveys still remain.  Is there a way to get this feature disabled without having hundreds of people download the new survey?

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi Alex,

Could you explain more about the "new surveys" on the phone? Maybe a screenshot could help to show what you mean by "new surveys"? The "Send surveys" will be seen on the phone when you publish the survey from Survey123 Connect by enabled the "Send Surveys" option. When it's enabled, user will see "Send survey" on the phone and all surveys sent from the device will be stored locally till you "delete" the survey. If you disable the "Send Surveys" in Survey123 Connect and republish the survey, user won't see that "Send survey" on the phone when they download it as a new survey. However, if user previously had the that survey downloaded, the "Send surveys" will remain till they delete the survey from the device. 

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